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The Beginning Journey

by Albert (Trae) Willis November 19, 2018 1 Comment

The Beginning Journey

This is day one of Southern Mug blog, and if you are reading this- we want to say THANK YOU we couldn’t and can’t do this without you! :) so thanks from the bottom of our hearts!


We are so excited about this journey and the next chapter we are about to embark on. I have always wanted a business that had a greater purpose than just making money. I personally have always loved traveling  and was able to spend some time in Nicaragua. I fell in love with the people and immediately started to search for a way that i could not only empower them but to also make a living for myself.

During my adventures i was introduced to some incredible coffee farmers and got to see first hand how hard they worked and what amazing quality of coffee they were producing. I was hooked and so the long road to now began. Getting to this point was not easy- there have been some twist and turns, ups and downs, but we are finally ready to fulfill our purpose and mission.

We are roasting our own coffee and starting with both a Nicaraguan and an Ethiopian coffee bean. With plans to expand to more countries in the near future. We are a Micro Batch Artisan Roastery with a passion to bring you the best and freshest coffee all while providing meals for those in need.

Our Mission is simple “To empower coffee and the people who drink it to make a difference around the world one cup at a time”. We believe the simple joys of life can taste wonderful and also help others simultaneously. That is why we are committed to giving a meal to someone in need for every bag of coffee we sell.   


Our motto

drink good coffee + do good things.



Thanks for following our journey, stay tuned for more awesome.


Albert (Trae) Willis
Albert (Trae) Willis

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November 21, 2018

Love it!

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