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One Bag= One Meal

by Jen Willis November 21, 2018

Charity coffee, coffee that feeds the soul

Our company tagline... coffee that feeds the soul.

We mean it literally. Yes its delicious coffee that will make your soul happy, BUT we also are taking a portion of the proceeds and donating a meal to someone in need for EVERY bag of coffee we sell. So where is this meal? Let us introduce you to our charity sponsor.

We are so proud to share our current mission partner with you guys -Voice Of Hope.

Voice of Hope is an organization that has personal meaning for Trae and I. We have visited their feeding center in Thomas Borge, Nicaragua personally and have been able to see the amazing impact they have on the children in Thomas Borge and other cities across Nicaragua. Their goal is to keep expanding and eventually all have feeding centers throughout Central America.

Voice of Hope provides lifesaving meals for children in the poorest of poor areas, where children don't know where their next meal will come from. Thomas Borge is actually a city that was built in a dump. The residents in the community have built their homes from scraps and finds from the dump. Today there is a full community, even a church where the residents gather. In that village are some of the most joyful and generous people you will ever meet.

The Voice of Hope feeding centers in these communities exist to serve fresh meals to over a thousand of local children. The meals that are prepared there are made fresh daily by VOH staff members and local volunteers within each community. They also have churches planted at the feeding centers with a pastor who is also on staff with the ministry. The children who are taken care of through VOH feeding centers are not only getting fed physically, but are also having the opportunity to be introduced to the Bread of Life as well.

We are so happy to support this organization and the good they are doing to help nourish children in extreme need. We hope that you feel good knowing that the coffee you buy from us goes to help this wonderful organization.


For more information on Voice Of Hope visit their site here>>>


drink good coffee + do good things  



Jen Willis
Jen Willis

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